read more Thursday, July 5, 2012; 5:41 PM
redwood tree illustration

I'm fascinated by large trees. Where I live, in Dallas, we don't really have very large trees. I would dearly love to visit the redwoods in California some day. Just reading about them online I am amazed. The largest tree is about 379 feet tall, and is 600 years old - older than our country! If that isn't amazing enough, that tree is, in human years, only about 20 years old. That means it can live a hell of a lot longer, and might even grow a bit taller. With redwoods on my mind, I felt moved to draw one. No, I make no claim that this is entirely accurate. I did a bit of research online to get down the shape of the leaves, branches, and root system. This is a conglomeration of what I learned, and assumes that I found reliable sources - since I've never actually seen one with my own eyes.

36in x 58in.