When The Wendigos Come To Dance In The Day

read more Tuesday, March 27, 2012; 6:10 PM
abstract digital art

Behold a land of the people, happily building their dreams.
But soon they will run, and fill the sky with their screams.
Cause the Wendigos that pwn them have come out to play
And feast on their bones, and dance in the day.
The monsters persuade them with elaborate lies
To think the right things and live the right lives.
Their freedom, once wrought of blood, sweat, and tears,
Has come to be shaped by all of their fears.
The people believe they are fighting for good
And never ask questions that they probably should.
They'll go on believing, as they're shackled and chained
and kept in their cells of misery and pain.
Meanwhile, demons are fattening all sons and daughters
Preparing every last one for the ceremonial slaughter.
And, oh! How they will laugh and how they will play
When the Wendigos come to dance in the day.

36in x 58in.